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We welcome any product development initiative or project – from a simple idea sketched by hand to enhancement of existing products, because we know that good product development is the key to success.


We are focused on providing the most effective guidance and resources to help with your product development process and provide consultation for product design, application, patents, prototyping, testing and production.

Prototype Production

Rapid 3D prototyping has become a practical, essential and cost-effective part of a product development process. Using our advanced in-house technologies, we can create functional 3D prototypes for true test of function, form & fit.

What We Do

KW Construction is an industrial product design company which offers consultation and assistance with various types of product development projects. Our technical knowledge and services provide  support throughout a project, from basic CAD drawing requirements to initial product conceptualization, design, development and production backed by core competencies in plastics, metals and castings.

Product Development, Consulting and Prototype Production

KW Construction ApS

KW Construction Aps was started in 1997 as consulting company for customers who needed CAD designs for production moulds and related products specific to the injection moulding industry. Being a plastics expert with over 25 years of experience in industrial product research and development, KW Construction has expanded it’s services over the years to include product conceptualization, design, prototyping, testing, analyzation, patent consultation and manufacturing. These services are expanded to all types of business and industries, small or large, local or abroad.

We work in close cooperation with our customers so that we have an understanding of their business and task at hand. Throughout the project we focus on customer needs to provide formidable, creative, high-quality solutions and outcomes. A strong communication process ensures efficiency of the project and a lasting partnership for future endeavors.

As a business partner, KW Construction is dedicated to strengthening current relationships while cultivating new ones, helping individuals and businesses bring their projects and concepts “from ideas to production.” It is equally important for us to continue to develop our portfolio and diversification so we can continue to enhance our skillsets and offerings to our customers.

We are based centrally in Denmark and our customer references range from small to large enterprises in Europe and North America with a broad industry reach.

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We provide complete conceptional design solutions for companies in various industries

KW Construction Aps

KW Construction is a product design services company, specializing in product and patent consulting, prototype development and production.

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