KW Construction ApS

KW Construction is a product design services company, specializing in product and patent consulting, prototype development and production.

KW Construction was established in 1997 by KWA ApS Holding. We bring over 25 years of experience in the conceptualization, design, manufacture and repair of production tools for the steel, aluminum and plastics industries. 

The holdings of KWA ApS also include uni-technology A/S, an innovative solutions provider specializing in the design, manufacture and service of tools and inserts for production moulds. The inherent synergies between KW Construction and uni-technology provide our customers the best benefit from the complementary, flexible, precise quality resources and expertise between us.

Being a partner with uni-technology A/S, KW Construction is positioned to provide complete design solutions for companies in various industries that are in need of conceptual design, 3D layouts, prototypes, patent consultation, and/ or production. Although we specialize in production tools, our expertise and resources allow us to provide development and production for just about any industry, any product.   


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(To the left: Mikkel S. Hartvig Andersen, Managing Director for Foilfeed and Coverfeed, partnered with KW Construction and uni-technology to develop